Electric car or SUV?

In a well-balanced world, when everything is all ‘hunky-dory’ and the government is treating everyone fairly, the people are happy, well fed and working, I would have plenty of time to think about the climate and the environment. So my first choice in that situation, for the climate’s sake, would be a Prius, a Chevy Volt or something along those lines. The environment is very important to me. And I love the idea of cars that don’t run on fossil fuels.

But things are not all “hunky-dory”, as a matter of fact, things are looking rather desperate, so it took all of three seconds for me to decide against the mini electric and go Pro- SUV.

There are things that I need that the little mini-cars don’t offer, such as four wheel drive. Needless to say, neither Prius nor Volt offer 4wd. I won’t be caught without 4wd again. I also need something large enough to tow a 35′ camper that is currently my main form of housing. Prius and Volt? Not a chance. I also need something large enough to carry about a half ton of prepping supplies between here and wherever yonder may be. Not happening with a mini-electri-car. And then there’s price and appearance. I wanted something inexpensive and American made. Prius? Volt? No, no, no and maybe. Not sure about the last one.

In the end, I settled on a beautiful, shiny black stallion, a 2001 Suburban with dark tinted windows for around $6000. I got it from a friend of a friend at a used car dealership. It has a lot of miles, but they’re Maryland-D.C. commuter miles, and the service records are all up to date according to the Car Fox.

So basically, I got a gas guzzling environmentally UN-friendly ride that will pull my camper out of the mud when it gets stuck. (Like it is right now at my mother-in-laws house. ;?) Or carry me into the deep forest to get away from population centers. It ain’t a Hummer, but it’s the best I can do right now.

Donna’s and my camper runs mostly on DC battery power, charged by solar panels. AC equipment in it run through inverters connected to batteries charged by the solar panels. So my carbon footprint is small even with my gas guzzler.

I guess the question regarding SUVs is relative to your overall carbon footprint. How large is yours, and can you justify owning one? If you need to GOOD if and when the SHTF, which ride would you rather have?


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