World Gone Wild

When I first began this blog, I intended to use it to keep a running log of the craziness that is going on in the world today. Like the dormant but restless caldera in Yellowstone, I feel that every crazy turn in the weather, every maniac that we hear about in the news that’s shot up a school or climbed a bell tower, every step the government takes to relieve the American people of their liberties, we’re one step closer to the final big bang that we all dread.

The end times? The Mayan apocalyse? No. That’s not what I’m talking about. It was supposed to have happened on 12-21-2012 and I for one never thought that it would. I guess I learned a good lesson on gullibility from the Y2K scare. I do believe, as some do, that the period following the date will bring forth a monumental change in our lives, and THAT is what has been foreseen and foretold by the prophets. These upcoming changes are real, and I believe the unprepared will suffer to some lesser or greater degree depending on what the future brings.

For me, the date on last December’s calendar was simply a date to shoot for – a  goal to achieve. I did the best I could. To my own way of thinking, I didn’t succeed by my goal date of 12-21, though I’ve had plenty of time. I began trying to prep by getting my home “off the grid” way back in the 90s. Around 1994, my first wife and I moved back to Brunswick County (on the south eastern coast of NC)  from Raleigh, NC, and bought a large double-wide manufactured home. It was billed as being able to withstand hurricane winds up to 130 mph which is important in that neck of the woods.  When I had it bricked under I had a concrete pad poured near my breaker box where I was to place my inverters, batteries, generator and cabling from the solar panels and transfer switch box. That’s as far as it got.

Unfortunately for me and my plans, my wife didn’t share my enthusiasm (or my money) for prepping. Then along came children and high fuel prices, cutting the income from my trucking business down to nothing.

Ten years later, my wife and I are divorced. I’ve found another who shares my beliefs that the world is a cesspool and is quickly getting worse. She isn’t materially oriented like my first wife was which means she’s willing to get by on less in preparation for the future. The difference is, we look after one another in all things and back each others dreams and plans. We both share a sense of dread over what’s over the horizon for America and are doing our best to make up for lost time. Now that we’re both on the same (prepping) page, I think we’ll get a lot done to prepare for the coming turbulence.

Michael Stonebear


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