Easy Dime/Soda Can Alcohol Stove


This looks like a small home-made Sterno stove, except the the fuel is not as neat. You will still have to carry a supply of denatured alcohol somehow.

It reminds me of another DIY project I saw using a (New, unused) paint can with lid, available in most hardware stores. The can was to be filled with as much of a roll of TP as would fit snugly, without the hard paper core. Once the TP was in the can, it was covered with whatever kid of alcohol you could find. (Although the higher ‘proof’ alcohols would undoubtedly burn hotter, I’m sure a lower proof would work just as well to heat up the interior of a car.) The lid was used to cover the opening, governing the burn and thus the heat output. The heater, used as suggested in the DIY, was to be kept sealed and covered in the trunk or back floorboard of your car for emergencies, such as when stranded out of gas in your car in freezing weather.
It would probably work, just be sure to open the windows a little to allow the Carbon Monoxide to escape.

You could certainly go out and buy a Sterno stove and a few cans of prepared fuel. And it might be a good idea to get you started. But in the long run having one or more of the home made versions handy makes sense. Mainly because the Sterno products cost a good bit more, and the gelled Sterno fuel runs out quickly. I, for one, would rather pay the low cost for a lowly gallon of rubbing alcohol (which has other uses), or even the denatured alcohol suggested, than the HIGH price of Sterno fuel. Then there’s the fact that Sterno fuel can end up tossed out in the trash, adding to our “Carbon Footprint”. The little Dime or Soda can stove gets reused, and even the fuel container can get refilled.

Just a thought.


here’s the video addy on youtube



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