“Why Did You Have to Kill My Son?”

“You bastard Americans!” His mother screams. How could we kill kill her son? It was intentional, for sure and certain. It couldn’t possibly have been to protect innocent Americans from further harm. After all, all he did was set off a few bombs in the crowd at the end of the Boston marathon. What’s the harm in that? All he did was mercilessly kill three people, including an 8 year old boy. All he did was injure and main well over a hundred people with his stupidity. Oh, they’re just boys being boys. But you had to kill them for it. “We never should have emigrated to America 10 years ago.” She said. She’s right. Then they could’ve been dressed in proper Al Qaeda hoodies when they toted the backpacks into the crowds to blow people up. Then maybe folks would’ve spotted them.

Sick bastards.

Now their old man is coming here to get the truth.

Truth is, you didn’t raise your boys right. You didn’t teach them that killing innocent people is WRONG.

With that in mind, maybe it was wrong for the cop to kill the kid. THat’s a moral dilemma for another time, another blog. But he did deserve it for what he did. So to All you Al Qaeda moms and dads out there – suck it up, shut up and teach your kids better. Maybe you won’t have to learn what it feels like to outlive your children.