Welcome to Stonebear’s “Crazy World of Hours”

Welcome to Stonebear’s  This Crazy World of Hours blog. Honestly, I started this blog out of pure morbid fascination and sheer daily, stomach wrenching dread of the absolutely insane happenings in the world today. I guess I have some small right to speak since my birthday is 9-11 and ‘Osama’ chose my birthday to fell the great towers back in 2001. My 40th birthday by the way.

Now the whole Muslim extremist world runs around acting like morons, screaming, ranting and raving how they hate Mickey Mouse, Old McDonald’s Duck, and that Snow White is just one of the 72 virgins waiting for them when they die. More than likely, Snow White will be the only 72 year old virgin waiting for them when they die.

That’s just a joke, people of the Islamic faith. Get over it.

Take a moment and think. How ludicrous would it be if we got to the Pearly Gates and told the Supreme Being, whatever you call him (or her) that our world ended cause some dude with a cartoon movie trailer pissed off some dudes with no sense of humor and they ended up blowing up the world with a shitload of homemade dirty bombs? lol. That’s what Susan Rice said anyway. We all know better now of course.

Once again on the same auspicious date as that chosen by the late, deep-sixed former leader of the defunct clan of hillbillies known as al Qaeda. They’re all going around tearing ass through American embassies, on American soil because they don’t think we have the balls to do anything about it. Well, apparently my Muslim infidels, the Americans are showing you how much tolerance YOU should be exhibiting as a true Muslim when you are attacked. You see it as weakness when you should be accepting it as turning the other cheek. But there will come a time however, very soon, when the cheek gets red,  swollen, bloodied, and stinging, and marked with little fingerprints that the Grizzly that is America will turn and face you, reach out with its 4 inch claws and take a powerful swipe at you, gouging a deep swathe out of your narrow ass, leaving you bloodied and wondering what the fuck just happened.

Wake up and straighten up. Get your act together. Time is running out.